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Saturday, June 10, 2023
WorldAsiaChildren's ombudsman spoke about the condition of Alexei Moskalev's daughter arrested for 'discrediting' the military

Children’s ombudsman spoke about the condition of Alexei Moskalev’s daughter arrested for ‘discrediting’ the military



Aleksey Moskalev’s criminal case to discredit the Russian armed forces and the anti-war drawing his daughter drew at school during an art lesson are unrelated. On this subject declared Commissioner for Children’s Rights to Russian President Maria Lvova-Belova in her telegram channel.
According to her, she met Moskalev’s daughter in early March, when they met, they “talked, hugged, cried.” At the same time, the girl told how she “worries about her father”, added the children’s ombudsman.
Lvova-Belova said that in order to understand the situation, she held meetings with the head and prosecutor of the Tula region, representatives of all relevant departments and got acquainted with the reports of the regional department of the Committee of investigation, as well as the Juvenile Affairs Commission and the Office of the Children’s Ombudsman.
According to the Ombudsman, since February 2022, Moskalev’s daughter has been “skipping school” and since April she has stopped attending her altogether, and the girl’s father “did not contact the teachers” and “s behaved aggressively”. At the same time, as Lvova-Belova writes, the girl’s mother “practically did not participate in her life.” “Now the girl remains in the SRTSN at her request. The relationship between them is complicated,” she said.
In May 2022, the Moskalevs were registered as a family in a “socially dangerous situation”, and prevention authorities filed a lawsuit to restrict both parents in parental rights, “because the father has been at several times translated into administrative responsibility for poor performance of parental duties”, noted the authorized representative on the rights of the child.
Also, according to Lvova-Belova, in April 2022 the court fined Aleksey Moskalev for “discrediting” the Russian military, but he continued “illegal activity in social networks”, so in December a case criminal proceedings were opened against him.
“During the investigation, he escaped. He was detained, for violating his travel ban, by court order, he was placed under house arrest and prohibited from communicating with anyone, including (his daughter),” she added.
As the children’s ombudsman assures us, the girl’s father, when he was placed under house arrest, did not object to the ban on communicating with the child.

“You are the hero. My hero”. Publication of a letter from a schoolgirl whose father was sentenced to two years for “discrediting” the army

“We have indicated to the prevention authorities additional ways to get out of the situation. On our recommendation, they intensified the search for a close circle, tried to transfer the girl to her relatives. There were relatives on the father’s side, but they have so far refused to take Masha into custody,” the human rights activist explained.
Lvova-Belova said a trial has begun to restrict the Moskalevs’ parental rights, the meeting will take place on April 6.
The girl’s mother, Olga Sitchikhina, who lives with her husband and 17-year-old daughter in the Tambov region, works as a security guard and travels to Moscow for work, declared “7×7” about the intention to remove the child from the shelter.
According to the woman, the girl refused to come to see her while her father was under house arrest, but now, on the contrary, she is asking to pick her up. Sitchikhina’s house has already been inspected by representatives of the guardianship authorities and other officials, who also checked the information on the woman’s income. Olga says the shelter manager and social workers were satisfied with the condition of her accommodation and that she is ready to refuse shift work.

“I plan to stay at home, and my husband and my brother will work, no one will sit without money. I have a large garden: I know that in winter there will be twists and turns, meat. In the village we have no work as such, and the town is 25 km from us. Buses run every other day, so I can’t find work in town,” the woman said.

She complained that she had received threats because of the child’s ‘refusal’, although, according to her, her husband himself ‘chased her out’ of the apartment and forbade her to communicate with her daughter youngest, and her eldest daughter from another marriage – she should have “stealed” her from the schools.

“He (Moskalev) has a very tough character. He didn’t beat, nothing, but he said words like it would be better if he hit, cut without a knife. He never offended Masha: she is his king and his god. He did not give the phone to Masha, he was against it. I guessed the moment when she was alone, called, we corresponded with her on VKontakte. (Last time) I saw her, probably in the second year: we walked together and went to get berries while I was in Efremov, then I left, ”says the woman.

Sitchikhina assures that she will not forbid her daughter to see her father, even if he is sent to a colony, and that she is ready to take him on dates, then, after his release, she allow her to live with him.
The girl’s mother said she did not understand ‘what Moskalev taught her’. She herself, by her own admission, “does not get into politics”, and “the head is not stuffed with anything”, so the main thing is that “everyone is dressed, shod and fed”, and the daughter will be able to “repel politics, anti-propaganda and cartoons” after the paternal influence is gone.
The court session aimed at restricting the parental rights of Alexei Moskalev will take place on April 6, and Olga Sitchikhina plans to attend it remotely.

“I’ll talk to the judge via video link so everyone knows I exist, I’m communicating with my daughter and I want to take her. And then they say guardianship, they want to take… No guardianship! I won’t allow just not for a stranger to raise my daughter! I won’t leave her!” assured the woman.

While the daughter of Alexei Moskalev remains in the social rehabilitation center in Efremov. Her father was arrested by Belarusian police in Minsk on March 30 at the request of Russian law enforcement after he fled. In Russia, a court placed a man under house arrest in a criminal case of “discrediting” the armed forces; he was sentenced in absentia to two years in a penal colony for making an anti-war statement on a social network.

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