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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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NewsExhibitions, lectures and performances from different countries await Novgorodians at the Tsar-Skazka festival

Exhibitions, lectures and performances from different countries await Novgorodians at the Tsar-Skazka festival

On Thursday, March 30, a press conference was held at the Novgorod Children’s and Youth Theater “Maly” within the framework of the 17th International Theater Festival “Tsar-Skazka”.

Artistic director Nadezhda Alekseeva presented the program of the festival, which will be held in Veliky Novgorod from April 21 to 25, 2023.

The festival program includes performances from five countries of the world, as well as lectures, master classes and exhibitions.

The broadcast performances of the festival can be watched completely free of charge.

This year, Brazilian theater has a special place at the festival – Porto Alegre’s Gompa project will be the first screening of the 17th online festival. The Brazilians will perform the play “Baby Frankenstein” based on Mary Shelley.

And the online screenings will be supplemented by the Chinese National Children’s Theater in Beijing. The actors will show the audience a folk story in the pantomime genre “A bird, a shell and a fish.”

The festival continues to develop the special program of the conference hall, intended for educational encounters and familiarizing young audiences with modern theatre.

This year’s amphitheater program includes seven lectures at different venues around the city. As part of the project, lectures will be organized for the public with theater critics, festival producers, theater journalists and writers, show creators and many other cultural personalities.

Every day, the events of the festival will be discussed online in the discussion club “Festival Talk” with a live broadcast on Vkontakte. Theater critics Yulia Kleiman, Natalya Efendieva, Elena Gorfunkel, Sergey Kozlov will talk about trends in modern theater and share their feelings about the festival. This was reported in the press service of the Novgorod Theater for Children and Youth “Maly”.

“We must remember that a person lives not only with domestic needs, but also with a dream. Where can you find a dream if you have lost it – only in art, in the emotions experienced through the performances, in theater, in the new ideas that each theater festival gives”

– shared Nadezhda Alekseeva.

Recall that the festival is held in Veliky Novgorod every two years in the grounds of the Novgorod Theater for Children and Youth “Maly”.

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