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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
NewsFrenchwoman Valerie faces jail and fine for insulting Macron on social media...

Frenchwoman Valerie faces jail and fine for insulting Macron on social media – Reuters


This publication therefore did not escape the watchful eye of the competent authorities, and as a result, three police officers paid him a visit. The police explained to Valérie that “she had disrespected a person invested with supreme power”, then they placed her in custody and escorted her to the police station. During the seven-hour date, they tried to attribute authorship of the seditious phrase to the woman, which Valerie constantly denied. She claimed that she had the right to take selfies in all places where it is not prohibited by law. And the background can be any inscription. The servants of the order could not prove otherwise, but they did not reconcile and began to dig deeper.Smiling, Valérie was photographed against the backdrop of the fence of the municipal landfill, on which appeared the inscription “Macron is a junk” written in large letters.

That’s when they came across Valerie’s phrase on the same web page, which they immediately latched onto. And it went like this: “Garbage will talk tomorrow at 1 p.m. … usually on TV we see a lot of garbage.” This was done the day before Emmanuel Macron’s speech on two national television channels, during which the French leader gave his vision of the reform, adopted bypassing parliament and provoking mass demonstrations.

Although the name of the president does not appear in the publication, this did not prevent the sub-prefect of the region, Guillaume Tirard, from taking legal action against the “yellow vest”. The case will be heard on June 20. Under French law, publicly insulting government officials can be punishable by up to 12 months in prison and a 15,000 euro fine.“The garbage will talk tomorrow at 1 p.m. … usually we see a lot of garbage on television”, will be judged Valérie for this remark on the social network. Photo:

Valerie’s reaction was not hard to predict. She is indignant to the depths of her soul: “They want to punish me brutally so that the others become discouraged! I am not the number one enemy of the State!”

Frankly, Valérie has never hidden her negative attitude towards the current French leaders. Has participated several times in protest actions both in the era of “yellow vests” and in current social battles. She notably admitted having posted on her social networks and retransmitted videos of scenes of police massacres during recent demonstrations, but “never having broken the rules”. According to her, at the moment many activists are “under pressure” from the authorities, but neither she nor her like-minded people will bend and “continue to fight”.
Meanwhile, the issue of police brutality, which has been widely discussed in the French media, especially after recent tumultuous events both in Paris and other cities in the country, was raised in the European Parliament on Wednesday. On the strength of such an initiative on the part of French left-wing deputies, Manon Aubry, representative of the party “La France insoumise”, came forward. She proposed adopting a resolution condemning “the numerous and serious violations of citizens’ rights during demonstrations in France”. At the same time, she recalled that due to the actions of the police and the gendarmerie, one person lost an eye, one woman’s thumb was torn off by a shrapnel grenade and another suffered violence. during the search.So in the European Parliament, supposedly called to defend democratic principles and human rights on the continent, this resolution was blocked. This was done on the pretext that, as François-Xavier Bellamy, spokesman for the Conservative group, said, the European Parliament is not “prepared to substitute itself for justice”, but should deal with the problems of the “European”. Apparently, the brutal beating of peaceful demonstrators with batons in France has nothing to do with the issues of the “European dimension” and “European democracy”. This is different…

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