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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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NewsIn Omsk, the prosecutor's office organizes an inspection due to the floods in the city

In Omsk, the prosecutor’s office organizes an inspection due to the floods in the city

Photo: smoladmin.ru Omsk
The Omsk prosecutor’s office responded to complaints from local residents and the media about flooded streets. The employees of the supervisory service will have to check the compliance of the local authorities with the anti-flooding measures.
“During the audit, the prosecution will assess the completeness of the measures taken by the municipality to prevent the occurrence of natural emergencies related to the flooding of residential buildings, roads, causing damage to life, health and to the property of residents of the regional center, as well as the opportunity to eliminate the harmful consequences, ”the source told the press office of the department.
Flooding is not limited to residents of private homes. However, if people in these households try to cope with the problem using tires and pallets, it can be much more difficult to navigate the busiest streets of the city.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s office attributed the situation to too much snowfall at the end of winter, frozen ground that is not yet absorbing moisture and a lack of drainage systems.

Earlier, there were reports of a spontaneous discharge in the courtyard of house number 4 on Partizanskaya Street. Due to the uncleared access road, waste picker “Magnit” is unable to reach the overflowing containers for two weeks.

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