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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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WorldAsiaIn Russia, the first criminal case was opened for violation of the rules of combat duty. What does...

In Russia, the first criminal case was opened for violation of the rules of combat duty. What does it mean

In Russia, for the first time, a serviceman will be tried under an article on violation of the rules of combat duty. He is accused of the lack of measures to prevent the missile attack on the Belgorod region by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the spring of 2022, which caused casualties among the military and the loss of military equipment, informed “Kommersant”.
According to law enforcement, the officer arrested in May last year faces up to 10 years in prison for breaking combat duty rules. The name of the suspect is not called, while Kommersant notes that this is the first accused under such an article in recent Russian history.
The officer would be accused of failing to provide sufficient airspace coverage with air defense systems in the border area, while on combat duty at the time of the strike. As a result of the attack, seven Russian servicemen were killed, more than 40 were injured, and 15 units of military equipment were also destroyed, writes Kommersant. The investigation suggests that the officer “having every chance of preventing the attack, allowed serious damage to the country’s defense capability”. The man himself pleaded not guilty.
Former Chief of Anti-Aircraft Missile Forces (2007-2009) of the Russian Air Force Special Forces Command, Sergei Khatylev, told RTVI that combat duty in the Air Defense Forces, for example, in the anti-aircraft missile forces, is carried out around the clock. In particular, the command post of the air defense army and the air force, as well as regiments, brigades , anti-aircraft missile divisions, radio engineering brigades, separate radar companies and battalions are responsible for providing air defense.
“An anti-aircraft missile division is designated from the service forces, as well as means to provide combat service. Service is carried out at command posts and checkpoints, a small combat crew is constantly located at the command post of the regiment. In the border zone along the entire border of the Russian Federation, combat duty is carried out in readiness two or one, depending on the flight time of the enemy, at the borders it varies from two to five to seven minutes,” Khatylev explained.
In the bordering regions of Ukraine, the flight time can be about one minute.
The duty commander of the regiment is on 24-hour combat duty, he has other officers under him who make up the duty shift.
“When the commander on duty takes up combat duty, all the equipment of the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the regiment is switched on, the operation of equipment and weapons is monitored, tasks are resolved in the control system automated for target designation accuracy for air targets.
That is, the operational duty officer and the deputy commander of the duty brigade regiment are satisfied that all the equipment of the entire brigade of the regiment is operational and ready for combat, capable of operating in an automated mode and not automated against air targets.
After that there is an acceptance-delivery of duty, paperwork. The remaining 22 hours are scheduled in terms of combat duty: various tasks are being worked out, ”said Khatylev.
If the duty air defense commander detects a threat of violation of the state border, he is obliged to report to senior management and also make the decision to transfer the duty forces to “readiness number one” – with this status, special equipment is launched, and if the state border is still crossed, appropriate measures are taken.
“I suspect they are most likely trying an operational duty officer or someone who directly commanded the anti-aircraft missile system. If he was on combat duty, there is a section in the Criminal Code to that subject, he did not complete the task if given any. Or he did not reveal the actions of the enemy, that is, he did not determine that the enemy was hitting, and he was subject to criminal liability,” Khatylev stressed.
This case was the first due to the military operation in Ukraine, the expert is sure. “This happens for the first time, because our SVO started a year ago. Previously, they were also attracted in principle, for example, when in 1987 an amateur pilot Matthias Rust flew to the Kremlin Square Then 350 officers were convicted, recruited, dismissed, lost their orders, etc.,” he concluded.

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