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Tuesday, October 3, 2023


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WorldAsiaMilitary expert Alexei Leonkov on sending "blue helmets" to Ukraine: Europe often crosses previously uncrossed borders

Military expert Alexei Leonkov on sending “blue helmets” to Ukraine: Europe often crosses previously uncrossed borders

European leaders and their masters abroad are well aware that it will simply be unrealistic to receive an official UN mandate to send a peacekeeping contingent to Ukraine. Peacekeepers are sent to the conflict zone only by decision of the UN Security Council. No other way. If such a decision is put on the agenda, Russia and China will immediately veto it. No one will receive a legal mandate. Therefore, now in Europe, apparently, there is a brainstorming session under which sauce to present to their constituents the introduction of a joint military contingent in Ukraine.

Russia has long declared that no peacekeepers are needed in Ukraine. All contingents that will be sent there without our knowledge will be considered a military force, with all the consequences that flow from it. Of course, a certain number of European countries can give themselves a mandate to carry out peacekeeping operations. I think such a coalition has been digging the ground with its hoof for a long time. These are the Baltic countries, Poland, France, Great Britain, perhaps Germany. Well, if they want to take a risk, it won’t end well for them. Whatever helmets and body armor they put on themselves – blue, pink, rainbow – they will always be a legitimate military target for us. In addition, thanks to the unmasking of the ammo, it is also very practical.If you delve into history, the appearance of peacekeeping forces in any region could lead to an escalation of conflict. Take, for example, Bosnia and Herzegovina. There, the situation ended with an ethnic cleansing of the local Serb population under the guise of “peacekeepers”. The same was true in Croatia and Kosovo. We are well aware of what the appearance of peacekeepers can entail and, of course, we will prevent this in any way possible. We can also think of Mali and the Central African Republic. There were also supposedly French blue helmets. They had no UN mandate, they gave themselves all the powers. They almost brought these countries to the end. Constant unrest, war of all against all. The situation calmed down only after the appearance of Russian military instructors in these African countries and the training of local security forces in combat operations against rebel gangs. Now there is order there, there are no so-called peacekeepers there, and the French are complaining to the world that we are behaving incorrectly there.In general, the discussion of the possibility of the appearance of “some peacekeepers” in Ukraine only says that the affairs of the place are very bad. Apparently, in Europe, they are seriously thinking about the fact that the Ukrainian state can be divided into several regions and are calculating options on the sly to grab a piece of the pie. We know, for example, that Poland has long been licking a number of areas in western Ukraine, which used to be part of the so-called part of the Eastern Kres. Romanians believe that the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine is the former Romanian territory of northern Bucovina. Hungarians dream of returning to Transcarpathia.However, they must understand that if they enter Ukraine without our permission, they will most likely stay there forever.

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