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Friday, June 2, 2023
WorldAsiaMK informed how the spring conscription will take place in the Moscow...

MK informed how the spring conscription will take place in the Moscow military registration and enlistment offices


Photo: Moscow
In Russia, on April 1, conscription for military service begins. Questions about the spring campaign were answered at the Military Commissariat of the Chertanovsky District of Moscow.
Before being sent to the collection point, the conscript must stock up on a warm jacket, water and a push-button phone without a video camera or a SIM card, military commissar Igor Zvezdilin told Moskovsky Komsomolets. At the same time, relatives are forbidden to see conscripts.
The military registration and enlistment office declined to release projected numbers for recruiting conscripts for the spring campaign. While the psychiatrist talked about the details of the medical examination. According to the specialist, the conscript is first offered to assess his mental health himself. At this time, the doctor pays attention to facial expressions, hand movements and reactions to additional questions. In case of suspicion of mental disorders, the doctor refers the patient for an additional examination.

“I make a preliminary diagnosis and refer to a specialist with the appropriate profile. Now everything is quite strict with this, the rules have become stricter, and conscripts can no longer escape examination, ”explained the psychiatrist.
The doctor pays special attention to tattoos. Drawings on the body often do not indicate deviations, but there are exceptions. The doctor takes a particular interest in images that are too brutal or caricatural.

Earlier, the General Staff announced that it would not send conscripts to the area of ​​the special military operation. The conscripts will also not serve in the new Russian regions, added Andrey Kartapolov, chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee.

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