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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Auto & TransportSkift: The expansion of Hamad Airport is one of the largest international projects

Skift: The expansion of Hamad Airport is one of the largest international projects

Skift published a report in which it confirmed that the Hamad International Airport expansion project, in its third phase, is one of the largest airport development projects until 2040, whose value during that period for the Middle East and North Africa region will amount to only 151 billion US dollars, as a reference.

This is due to the great care that Doha attaches to the aviation sector and its constant work to reach the highest possible levels in it, whether through Qatar Airways, or through improving the quality and efficiency of the logistical infrastructure related to this field, on top of which is Hamad International Airport, which witnessed in the last stage many developments that touched the transfer halls and other areas, in addition to the duty-free market, which currently includes 68 outlets for marketing various goods.

Hamad International Airport Expansion steps

The report referred to the most important expansion steps that Hamad International Airport will witness for the third phase, through which Doha aims to reach its capacity to accommodate 60 million passengers annually instead of 58 million. As work will be done on the expansion of concourse “D” in addition to “E”. And equipping them in an appropriate manner to ensure the most appropriate comfort for the largest possible number of passengers.

Stressing the role that these development plans will play in preserving Qatar’s position among the list of the best airports in the world during the next stage, if not the best, which succeeded in the previous period in winning many awards. The same from various parties interested in the air transport sector.

Increasing turnout

The report indicated that what encourages Qatar most to continue the expansion of Hamad International Airport and raise its capacity during the coming period is to maintain the momentum that it distinguished during the 2022 World Cup, in terms of the turnout of individuals to Doha, citing the latest Figures issued by the competent authorities, which revealed that Doha received about 730,000 visitors in January and February, an increase of 347% over last year, especially the second month of the current year, which was marked by Qatar recording the largest number of arrivals in the past ten years.

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