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NewsA strange cat entered the house: what does this sign mean

A strange cat entered the house: what does this sign mean


A strange cat broke into the entrance and sat under the apartment door or came to the porch of the house – a situation that can be interpreted by folk signs.

Even in ancient times, cats were attributed with meanings and abilities of a sacred nature.

The opinion of psychics on stray cats

It is believed that cats do not accidentally come to someone else’s house. There is an opinion that they are sent by some higher powers as defenders of evil forces.

So, cats come in cases where the dwelling mostly needs an animal amulet.

Psychics believe that cats have a special ability that helps them neutralize even the most negative energy.

What do the stray cat signs say?

A homeless cat promises luck and prosperity, but only if the owners give it shelter, food and affection.

Otherwise, the people who drove the animal are doomed to a long series of failures.

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