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Saturday, June 3, 2023
NewsCollective bargaining in the public sector has failed in Germany - will...

Collective bargaining in the public sector has failed in Germany – will strikes continue?


This week, collective bargaining in the public sector failed. According to the Minister of the Interior Plume, the employers have made an offer to increase wages by 8% or at least 300 euros.

After the failure of collective bargaining in the public sector, the police union (GdP) denies that an offer of an 8% bonus and a minimum amount of 300 euros was made by employers during the third round of collective bargaining. “Something has been said to the public which does not correspond in any way to the progress of the negotiations,” said the national vice-president of the GdP, René Klemmer, in an interview with RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND).

In response to a question from the RND, the Association of Municipal Employers’ Associations (VKA) also said that it had not made such a proposal. “According to various media reports, the employers appear to have made an offer in the third round of negotiations. But in fact, this is not true, ”emphasized the representative of the VKA.

During the preliminary negotiations, several agreements were discussed, the spokesperson added, naming, among others, a minimum amount, an increase in remuneration, compensation for inflation and an increase in the duration of the contract. “The issues mentioned have been discussed separately, not as a general package. However, municipal employers have always been in favor of reaching a lump sum agreement,” the report states. “That’s what’s happening now.”

Negotiations failed

Collective bargaining for federal and municipal utilities has failed – now it’s the turn of independent arbitrators. The police union negotiates on behalf of the police. According to Interior Minister Nancy Feather (SPD), the employers’ associations have proposed a salary increase of 8%, but not less than 300 euros, as well as a lump sum payment of 3,000 euros.

The unions were demanding a salary increase of 10.5%, or a minimum of 500 euros per month. According to Verdi, a peace bond will be introduced during the mediation. Now it is eagerly awaited whether the arbitrators will be able to resolve the fiery collective dispute – or mediation will also fail, and in a few weeks the country will be paralyzed by new strikes.

More suction needed

“I urge employers to enter the reconciliation process with a much stronger desire to reach an agreement than they have to date,” said Clemmer of the police union. The GdP vice-president warned of the need to avoid further strikes. Today, the most urgent objective is “to bring significant relief to thousands of workers in the lower wage groups”.

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