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Sunday, June 4, 2023
NewsRussian sniper Kot spoke of inexplicable cases on the front line: "Death...

Russian sniper Kot spoke of inexplicable cases on the front line: “Death literally passed by”

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A former consultant of the Central Department Store in Moscow, who became a sniper with the call sign Kot, spoke of inexplicable cases on the front line during a special operation. According to him, at the front, many come to faith and begin to believe in miracles.
Sniper Kot, at 23, has already learned the value of life and says that at the front one begins to appreciate it in a completely different way. Every morning can be your last, and the people you drink coffee with in the morning can leave and never come back. There is a general questioning of values, you begin to deal more easily with the trifles of everyday life.
Many at the front are coming to faith. According to him, every unbeliever begins to read the Gospel in a trench with a tongue twister. For himself, the cat made it a rule to read psalm 90, which once helped him – he removed the bullet, only a dent remained in the plate of the body armor and a bruise on the chest.

There were also inexplicable cases when a razor-sharp projectile flew into a sniper’s hair and only cut a bracelet tied by a lover, and no scratches were left on the fighter. On another occasion, a shell fell in a swamp near the army and did not explode. The cat believes prayer saved them.

– Of course, this can be explained by the fact that in the swamp the ground is soft, and the projectile got stuck and did not work. And on the other hand, as my friend likes to say: “The Mother of God loves us”, he told MK.

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