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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldAsiaThe Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to destroy the Crimean Bridge...

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to destroy the Crimean Bridge and launch “leopards” to the breakthrough


Analyst Prokhvatilov warned of an attempt by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to break through the Crimean defense line with Western tanks

Senior researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences Volodymyr Prokhvatilov answered the question of what could be the tactics of the Ukrainian army if Kiev decides to attack Crimea, informed URA.RU agency.

In the event of a suspected attack in the direction of Crimea, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will try to isolate the theater of operations, the expert said.

According to him, the Ukrainian army will try to destroy the Crimean bridge by overloading the Russian air defense.

Then, Prokhvatilov suggested, with the help of Western heavy tanks such as the Leopard, the Ukrainian armed forces would try to break through the Russian defenses on the Crimean-Ukrainian border in a one kilometer section at 500 meters. “Then mobile units of motorized rifle tanks enter it, which are deployed parallel to this line,” the analyst noted.

“Ukraine has already received 100 Leopard tanks, many of which exceed the official quotas,” Prokhvatilov noted, adding that with accurate firing from the gun of this tank, “chains of concrete fortifications, tetrahedrons dug into the ground “could be demolished. In addition, the expert said, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have several hundred armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers, including the most modern Western ones. The Ukrainian Armed Forces will also be able to operate using long-range artillery and HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. Finally, added Prokhvatilov, Ukraine has both small drones and serious drones, with which Dzhankoy has already been attacked.

Recall that today the head of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, said that Russia’s victory was predetermined and that this year would be a turning point. “The situation is now moving towards the end of the conflict,” Konstantinov said in interview RIA Novosti, adding that the conflict would end with “the loss of power over the country by the Kiev junta”. “Russia will regain control of its historic territories,” Konstantinov also said, suggesting such a move would come “by the fall.”

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