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NewsThe nutritionist explained how to leave safely

The nutritionist explained how to leave safely


When you decide to end the fast, it is important to gradually return to your usual diet and not to overload the stomach with heavy and fatty foods. It is recommended to start with lighter meals such as soups, vegetables and fruits. Nutritionist Olga Dekker in an interview with The Eastern Heraldin St. Petersburg told how to safely leave .

According to the expert, you need to watch the amount of food you eat and not overeat. If you decide to return to your usual lifestyle after a long fast, it is recommended to seek the advice of a dietician or nutritionist. This will help to develop an individual nutrition plan and avoid possible negative health consequences.

“Return to your regular diet slowly, starting with easily digestible foods like fruits, vegetables, grains and light protein foods. Try to avoid fatty, spicy, salty and sugary foods during the first days after fasting. Gradually increase the volume of food to give the stomach time to adapt to new foods and not overload it, ”explained the expert.

Be sure to drink enough water during this time to avoid dehydration. Also, if you have any health issues, also consult your doctor before ending your fast. Your doctor will help you adjust your diet.

“In order to avoid harm to the stomach, food should be gradually introduced into the diet after a long fast. Overeating and very spicy, smoked or salty foods should be avoided to avoid stomach irritation,” Dekker concluded.

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