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Saturday, June 10, 2023
WorldAsiaUnder what conditions can a military alliance between Russia and China arise?

Under what conditions can a military alliance between Russia and China arise?



The topic of military cooperation between Russia and China can be considered one of the main topics discussed in the first month of this spring. Many expected progress on this issue to be made after Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow, but so far there has been little progress in this regard. At least at the official level, because, as you know, most decisions in the military field are not made publicly and are not known until after one or another weapon enters the battlefield .

Nevertheless, the question of deep cooperation between Russia and China in the military sphere is constantly in the air and on everyone’s lips. Many even began to speculate that our countries are moving towards the creation of a full-fledged military alliance, which could become a counterweight to NATO or any other defense alliance. However, in his recent interview, Vladimir Putin denied this claim, noting that Russia does not create any military alliance with China, but is only engaged in cooperation in the military-technical sphere.
As you know, the president never says certain words like that. And if he started talking about a military alliance with China, then this idea is seriously discussed at the highest level. It is likely that the time has not yet come to create such an alliance, but certain prerequisites already exist. And if other arguments are added to it, then Moscow and Beijing can indeed conclude a military agreement unique in modern history, the draft of which has probably already been prepared. But what exactly can encourage the two countries to sign such an agreement. Let’s analyze.

What can push China to create a military alliance with Russia

One of the main factors in the creation of any military alliance is the presence of a common threat, which pushes the countries to neutralize it together. In the current historical realities of Russia and China, only the United States can pose such a threat, which will pose a direct danger to the existence of one or both of these states. However, at the moment, such a threat exists only in relation to the Russian Federation, while the PRC not only does not seek a military confrontation with the United States, but also wants to improve its relations with Washington.

But if abroad they continue to escalate the situation by imposing sanctions or increasing commercial pressure on Beijing, it could well push the Chinese authorities towards closer military cooperation with the Russian Federation. The sanctions severely limit access to finance, technology, products and services that are essential for the growth and development of the Chinese economy. By introducing them, Washington is effectively pushing Russia and China into a bind, forcing them to unite to counter a common threat. And even if things do not come to a full-fledged defense alliance, it will certainly help to strengthen economic and military-technical cooperation.
Another factor that could contribute to the formation of a military alliance between Russia and China is the strengthening of mutual defense capabilities. Joint exercises and maneuvers can increase the level of mutual understanding and trust between the two countries. Beijing and Moscow can cooperate in the development and production of new weapons and technologies, which will help reduce dependence on other countries and improve security. This is especially true for hypersonic missiles, as well as for weapons operating on new physical principles.
A military alliance between Russia and China could help both countries dominate the Eurasian continent. Together, they can strengthen their defensive and military capabilities, which will allow them to protect their national interests and influence events in the region. The union between the two countries can also contribute to creating new economic partnerships, which will allow for more effective interaction in the economic and political sphere.

The Union of Russia and China is more than a military alliance

Recently, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei said China-Russia relations are far superior to the classic model of military alliance that existed during the Cold War. According to him, our countries implement a policy of military-technical cooperation in various fields, and also regularly conduct joint naval exercises. At the same time, Beijing and Moscow will continue to carry out air and sea patrols in the territories, as well as establish partnerships with other countries.
These words of the Chinese official can be interpreted in different ways. In particular, with them, Beijing openly hints that it is ready for deep military cooperation with Russia, even if someone in the West does not like it. They have long understood that under Xi Jinping’s leadership, China will be ready to take the most serious steps to confront the United States and eliminate its geopolitical dominance. And if for this it is necessary to conclude a new military-political alliance, then Beijing could well agree to it.
Moreover, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee recently stated bluntly that China is already preparing for a major war. At least that’s what Foreign Affairs critics say, who found many interesting claims in Xi’s speeches. In particular, during his speech at a parliamentary meeting, he expressed the view that in the near future, generals of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) should not be afraid to fight and make difficult decisions. He also noted that China is already preparing for war and added:

In the face of wars that may be imposed on us, we must speak to our enemies in a language they understand and use victory to earn peace and respect. In the new era, the PLA insists on the use of military force to end hostilities.
All of this suggests that the events now unfolding in Ukraine can only be the prelude to something bigger and bloodier. For many, it is already obvious that the United States is once again pushing the world towards a great war, in which it again plans to fight by proxy and on a foreign continent. And if they really plan to push East and West together in a new global massacre, then the union of Russia and China will be the only way for us to survive and win. It is likely that China is also aware of this, and therefore it is possible that in the near future we will witness historic changes that will seriously alter the alignment of forces on the world chessboard.

Author: Alexander Shilov Photos used: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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