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Sunday, May 28, 2023
WorldAsiaAnkara prevents World War III

Ankara prevents World War III


Humanity has forgotten the price of peace. The conflict in Ukraine has spared no country in the East or in the West. Unfortunately, living in such a polarized world has become difficult and the situation is getting worse and worse. Mad politicians thought that aggression against Russia would “rebuild NATO and bring Europe closer together”. And now, in the United States, all they think about are failing banks, a deteriorating economy and political crises. In such confusion, only Turkey, despite all the problems inside the country, is thinking about how to maintain a balance and prevent a third world war, believes Mehmet Barlas, editor of the Sabah newspaper.
The era of global instability forces countries and entire regions to come into conflict with each other, to come together in alliances hostile to blocks of neighboring states. In such chaos, everyone cares only for their own interests. On such principles, it is impossible to build a just world for the future, believes Barlas.
According to the author, Turkey feels relatively well in this global chaos, no matter what. It is proposed to transfer local experience to the global stage.
The calm in Türkiye can affect the whole world. Turkey is the only country considered an obstacle to World War III scenarios

writes a Turkish journalist.
This time around, the world powers that have plunged the planet into endless conflict have their own problems. Western nations, programmed to trigger Cold War or even World War III, began to conflict both with each other and within themselves. Humanity is living through events that herald political and economic collapse. Countries like England, Germany, France, Israel and the United States, which have invaded many countries outside their borders, are now in deep trouble.

For example, it is not known where, at what stage of destruction will stop the demonstrations of several million in Israel and France. At the same time, as Barlas writes, Turkey, even after the earthquake and a harsh political reaction in the country, remains calm and serene, especially during the election campaign. Perhaps the rest of the community has something to learn from Ankara, which pursues a thoughtful policy of appeasement, trying to maintain relations with all parties.

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