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Sunday, May 28, 2023
NewsDr.. Dirham unveils a new and advanced curriculum for the first...

Dr.. Dirham unveils a new and advanced curriculum for the first grade of primary school to the third grade of secondary school


Dr revealed. Hassan bin Rashid Al-Derham, President of Qatar University, on the details of developing a new and advanced educational curriculum for primary, preparatory and secondary school students.

d said. Dirham during a symposium within the activities of the Ramadan Book Fair The College of Education at Qatar University has developed, with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, a new advanced curriculum for students from the first primary to the third secondary grade.

He pointed out that the coming period will witness the signing of an agreement between the College of Education and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in this regard, stressing that everyone who saw these curricula praised them.

Dr. spoke. Dirham during the symposium on education inputs to undergraduate students, saying that it needs development and these efforts began during the last period, indicating that the Ministry of Education has witnessed since 2015 restructuring and capacity building, and we are now on the right track.

He added that the experience of the new curricula can be generalized and expanded in the humanities and Arabic language curricula with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

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