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Thursday, June 1, 2023
Government and PoliticsFormer US President Donald Trump to face over 30 charges in historic...

Former US President Donald Trump to face over 30 charges in historic trial


All eyes are on the American city of New York, in anticipation of the appearance of former US President Donald Trump before the court, on Tuesday, to face a list of charges, amid special preparations for the police and Secret Service agents.

Trump is scheduled to arrive in New York City on Monday, in preparation for his appearance before the criminal court there on Tuesday.

The indictment stated the location “Al Jazeera” The content of the indictment has not yet been disclosed, but US media reported that it includes more than 30 charges, including at least one criminal charge.

For its part, the agency quoted “Associated Press” According to informed sources, former US President Donald Trump faces at least one criminal charge in the indictment approved by a grand jury in Manhattan.

and weighted magazine “Newsweek” The indictment against former US President Donald Trump is much broader than expected.

It quoted some sources as saying that Trump faces more than 30 counts of commercial fraud as part of the indictment.

Robert Costa, Chief Elections Network, noted “CBS News” Citing informed sources, the Manhattan public prosecutor has some documents that have not been released to the public, including financial records and contacts between key figures under investigation.

The first trial in history This is the first time in American history that a current or former president faces criminal charges.

Is it restricted? Trump’s lawyer announced that he had agreed with the Manhattan district attorney that his client’s hands would not be handcuffed after he turned himself in to face charges.

Joe Tacubina said that the former president will not acknowledge the charges against him, and that he has agreed with the Manhattan District Attorney in New York not to be restrained.

reported “Al Jazeera” That the agreement was signed between the New York Public Prosecutor and Trump’s defense to surrender himself to investigation on Tuesday, after he was formally charged in the case of buying the silence of porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016, in an unprecedented event for a former US president.

Spread to the Police and Secret Service Quotes Network “NBC” According to sources in the New York Police Department, it ordered all of its members and officers to spread out in their uniforms on public roads for a week.

A New York Police spokesman told Agence France-Presse that the elements had been placed on alert and that the agency remained ready to respond if necessary, and would ensure that everyone could exercise their right in a peaceful manner.

The police spokesman added that there are currently no credible threats.

Washington Post reported, Secret Service agents arrived on Friday at the Manhattan courthouse with the aim of identifying its location and details of its entrances and exits.

The newspaper quoted a security official as saying that a team of Secret Service agents conducted a tour of the courtroom to map Trump’s path inside and outside the building, and dozens of security personnel will work to secure Trump’s travel from Florida to New York.

Millions of dollars for Trump’s campaign For his part, a statement issued by Trump’s office said he raised more than $ 4 million for his campaign within 24 hours after the jury voted on the indictment.

The office’s statement described the increase in financial contributions to the campaign as enormous, considering that it confirms that the American people see the conviction of President Trump as an outrageous weaponization of the justice system, as he put it.

Trump’s office said more than 25 percent of the contributions came from first-time donors to the Trump campaign.

Trump’s position on the trial Trump denounced the filing of charges against him before the judiciary, and said that he was facing political persecution, and that the exploitation of the judiciary to punish a political opponent, a former president of the United States, and the most prominent Republican candidate for the position of president had never happened before, as he put it.

Trump said the judge assigned to hear the case “hate it”That’s why the Manhattan district attorney chose him, he said.

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