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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldAsiaMinsk: Union State is an example of successful integration of brotherly countries...

Minsk: Union State is an example of successful integration of brotherly countries Fox News


Reviewing the path taken, the speaker confidently said that Russia and Belarus have achieved significant results in the pursuit of a coordinated social policy that ensures a decent life and the free development of a person. Today, the Union State, he said, is an example of “successful integration of brotherly and complementary independent countries, and the decisions taken within it have made it possible to create a basis for ensuring the stability in the face of global turbulence and the formation of a multipolar world order.”Andreichenko called the hybrid war of the united West unleashed against the two countries, aimed at their economic strangulation and physical destruction, a serious test of the strength of the integration processes. “Unprecedented sanctions and military confrontation rallied brotherly peoples, gave impetus to further integration. Once again, Belarus and Russia clashed against the common enemy and restrained its onslaught, defended their ideals, their spiritual values ​​and the right to their own path of development,” said He.An important role in the construction of the union, according to him, is played by the parliaments as direct representatives of the peoples of the two countries. In this regard, the president of the lower house drew attention to the fact that in recent years much “has been done to unify and harmonize the legislative framework, to form a single economic and social space”.

Citizens of both countries have equal rights in the areas of work, leisure, health and education. “We are actively working to form a unified industrial and agricultural policy, ensuring military and technological security, import substitution and the creation of a common transportation system, strengthening financial institutions and expanding the circle of friendly states” , recalled Andreichenko.

In addition, he added, US parliamentarians interact within the framework of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia, international parliamentary structures, which contributes to the coherent deepening of the processes of integration that are globalizing.

It is the progress made by the two countries in the economic and social spheres, the resilience in the face of external threats, the parliamentarian believes, which made it possible to launch the mechanisms of geopolitical transformation of the world, the formation of a new idea of ​​relations between States, based on mutual respect and consideration of the interests of the partners.

As a result, he concluded, the era of “a world based on the rules of colonial pseudo-democracy” is coming to its logical conclusion, and the demand for justice and equality between countries is growing. Much has been achieved, we look confidently to the future, but there are still many achievements to come.

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