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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Political scientist Alexander Artamonov – why French President Macron is flying to Beijing Fox News


But France’s frantic attempts to settle in Kazakhstan, where the French were engaged in building their intelligence structures, and to maintain a presence in eastern Europe – in Ukraine near Odessa, in Romania, in Moldova, remained. And on these remnants of ancient luxuries, he tries somehow to attract the attention of China.

Why does Macron need China, and why doesn’t China need Macron? First, he carries out the orders of Washington’s senior gentlemen. I don’t believe that all of France is subordinate to the United States, but Macron is personally a protege of the American administration. Moreover, completely open, naked, having abandoned his own country. And secondly, France somehow has to deal with economic problems. Their debts are colossal, the third or fourth largest debt in the world. Naturally, the population begins to rebel slowly. Therefore, Macron is trying to agree on the provision of preferential trade and economic conditions, and of course, at the same time, to tighten China so that he does not have a cordial agreement and friendship with Russia . He will try to complete this task without fail.
As for Europe as a whole, its role today is twofold. Yes, it is an important business platform for China, and there is nothing wrong with their economic cooperation. Another thing is real politics, its military component. And militarily, all of Europe is subordinate to NATO, and just a week ago the alliance decided to include a Pacific component: the decision to reformat the alliance from Atlantic into an Atlantic-Pacific alliance is underway. This means covering Eurasia and exiting the bloc at China’s borders. As a result, NATO for China is no longer a potential threat, but a very real threat.

There can therefore be no alliance, let alone friendly relations, between the Brussels group and Beijing. Quite simply because in fact, Europe considers China as an object of its already military expansion, and not economic, as during the opium wars. China, therefore, having a long historical memory, sees Europe as a threat. And along with a lame duck, which in the plan of finance and the economy should soon disappear. Therefore, this relationship is “non-friendship”, with a dash, and non-partnership with a capital letter. Macron’s trips to Beijing with the company are necessary for internal use, but unlikely to have any measurable result.

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