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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Pink PageGodd to share a tip for smuggling wine in an event

Godd to share a tip for smuggling wine in an event


Alexandria Funnell has been idolized by many TikTok users after she shared a genius tip to smuggle booze into a concert to save herself an exorbitant bar bill.

Funnell, 34, went to see Bon Iver on March 3 at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, an outdoor concert venue in Melbourne, Australia, with her friend Lauren. Funnell didn’t want to spend the whole evening waiting in line at the bar, so he found an interesting method to save time and money. She bought a loaf of bread which cost 240 ISK. ($1.75) and cut the inside of it to fit a bottle of wine which cost over 2000 ISK. ($15).

Funnell says no one took notice when she poured red wine into a glass from the bread, but spectators were allowed to bring their own food into the area, but not their own wine. On social media, some compared her actions to stories from the Bible and even called her Jesus.

@alexandriafunnell Try this wine in a loaf of hack bread. Works every time! #winhack ♬ Gin and juice – Snoop Dogg

Funnell was then not guilty of wasting food because she took the bread home and made garlic bread out of it.

Funnell, who is a television producer, said of the activity: “I know it’s pretty silly and ridiculous, but there’s always such a long queue for drinks, so I thought we could smuggle wine.” I am in favor of bending the rules and I am an optimistic person. I favor comfort and practicality during concerts. We had already paid 27,500 ISK. ($200) for one ticket. It was allowed to bring food, so I thought I would bring some bread and hide the bottle of wine. We passed the security guards and didn’t have to queue for a drink,” says Funnell. She says the reactions to the video are overwhelming and people have called her the last saviour.

Friend Lauren also managed to smuggle wisteria.

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