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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

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NewsIn Khimki, a drone fell on the territory of a defense factory

In Khimki, a drone fell on the territory of a defense factory

A home-made drone equipped with cameras fell on the territory of the Fakel plant in the city of Khimki, Moscow region. Sources said so TASS , Mash potatoes And “News” .

According to the Telegram channel, the drone measuring 30 cm by 30 cm was discovered by security agents while walking around the territory. The shape of the device resembles a quadcopter, several cameras are fixed on its body.

Source in power structures said TASS that on April 5, “a quadcopter equipped with a photo and video camera” was found in the territory of Fakel. According to him, previously there was no combat load on the drone. We are in the process of establishing who and for what purpose launched the plane.

Izvestia, citing a source to write that the drone fell on the territory of the factory in the early morning of April 6 – it was “turned off” by the electronic warfare system.

JSC Machine-Building Design Bureau Fakel named after academician PD Grushin is part of JSC Concern VKO Almaz-Antey. Among Fakel’s developments are the S-300 and S-400 and Tor anti-aircraft missile systems.

Moreover, by data Telegram channel SHOT, a homemade drone crashed in the industrial zone of another city near Moscow – Podolsk. The helicopter crashed near a private house near the production plants of railway transport and hydraulic motors. There were no injuries or damage, the drone was sent for examination, the newspaper writes.

On March 31, a quadcopter drone with a camera and an enhanced battery was find in a forest belt near the Kubinka airfield near Moscow. Emergency services reported the plane belonged to a local teenager. “He threw it in the forest, he wanted to shoot a video, but the device got stuck in the trees, the guy couldn’t pull it out and left it. After a while, the device fell to the ground. It does not represent a danger, “said the interlocutor of TASS.

On March 20, in the urban district of Shchelkovo in the Moscow region, a drone crashed into a power line.

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