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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsiaSeveral sculptures in honor of the legends of Peter I will be installed in the historic center of Voronezh

Several sculptures in honor of the legends of Peter I will be installed in the historic center of Voronezh

On April 5, a competition began in Voronezh, which plans to install several sculptural compositions of Emperor Peter I in the city center. The competition is timed to coincide with events aimed at perpetuating the activities of the great reformer in Voronezh .

Several nominations are open, according to which the best works will be selected:

sculpture “Boots of Peter I”, sculpture “Signature of Peter I”, sculpture “Marine charter”, sculpture “Beard sign “Money taken”.

Based on the results of the competition, the commission will determine the winners – they will become the authors of the development and implementation of the projects. The sculptures are expected to be installed on Revolution Avenue, near the Nikitin Library and on Yeseninskaya Alley.

The competition will run until April 30.

The Mayor of Voronezh noted that the appearance of small sculptural compositions is due to the cultural and historical heritage of the city and its role in the emergence and development of the Russian Navy.

– The personality of Peter I is a landmark in the history of Voronezh. The visual embodiment of the legends surrounding the personality of the emperor will attract the interest of tourists and fill the Avenue of the Revolution with a certain charm, – wrote Vadim Kstenin, the head of the regional capital, in his channel telegraph.

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