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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsia"APU plans leak" contains "a very large amount of fictitious information"

“APU plans leak” contains “a very large amount of fictitious information”

The leak of so-called “secret documents” detailing secret US and NATO plans to help Kiev looks like a Russian disinformation operation aimed at casting doubt on Ukraine’s planned counter-offensive, said told Reutres’ Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Ukrainian presidential office.

He noted that the “leaked data” posted on Twitter and Telegram, which caught the attention of The New York Times, contained “a very large amount of fictitious information”.

“These are just standard elements of the Russian intelligence operational game. And nothing more,” Podolyak said in a written statement.

On Friday, the Ukrainian Armed Forces headquarters discussed measures to prevent the leakage of military information at a meeting on Friday, the president’s office reported.

In more detail, Podolyak commented on the New York Times article in his Telegram .

“The published data is more likely based on a statistical analysis of deliveries, possible operational and tactical plans, as well as a large amount of fictitious information. This is the first. And second: Of course, any war involves constant attempts by intelligence agencies on the enemy side to gain access to the developments of the General Staff. And if Russia had really received real script preparations, it would hardly have made them public. After all, it is much more profitable to prepare your own counter-traps, while leaving the other side in the dark about their own knowledge.Today’s release is unconditional proof of Russia’s exceptionally well-functioning information game “Podolyak wrote.

In his view, “if you have a working channel to receive intelligence from the Pentagon, you don’t destroy it for a one-day information opportunity. If you have information about the enemy’s level of support and military plans, you’ll pretend you don’t have it. If you try to pretend you know, then you don’t know anything. It’s a bluff, dust in the eyes.”

Podolyak noted in Telegram that “Russia is looking for all means to intercept the information initiative, to try to influence the scenario plans for Ukraine’s counteroffensive. Introduce doubts, compromise previous ideas , frighten with your awareness. But these are just the standard elements of the Russian intelligence operational game – and nothing more. It has nothing to do with Ukraine’s real plans.

On the eve of the New York Times (NYT), citing senior Joe Biden administration officials, the Pentagon was trying to identify the source of the leak of classified documents on Ukraine aid plans ahead of the impending offensive of the Ukrainian army. .

According to the NYT , these materials have appeared in recent days on social media.

According to the newspaper, the documents contain information on the composition and weapons of at least some of the Ukrainian units being prepared for the offensive.

Of the 12 brigades mentioned in the documents, 9 are being equipped with the help of Ukraine’s Western allies. To equip them, according to the documents, 250 tanks and 350 infantry fighting vehicles will be needed.

The documents, as noted by the newspaper’s interlocutors, do not contain offensive plans planned by the Ukrainian General Staff.

Part of the documents, which contain information about Russian and Ukrainian losses, according to New York Times sources, appear to be falsified.

In one of the tables, as reported by The Eastern Herald, the level of Russian casualties is estimated at 17,500 killed, and Ukrainian – at 71,500, which contradicts Pentagon data of almost 200,000 killed and wounded Russian servicemen and more than 100,000 Ukrainian servicemen killed and injured.

Earlier, as published in The Eastern Herald , the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation accused the former Ukrainian Defense Minister Poltorak of having killed 530 inhabitants of the DPR and the LPR.

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