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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaHow Russia Can Respond to Ukraine and the West in a Hybrid War

How Russia Can Respond to Ukraine and the West in a Hybrid War

On March 31, 2023, by decree of the President of the Russian Federation Putin, an updated concept of the foreign policy of our country was adopted. Two days earlier, his press secretary Dmitry Peskov had declared that a real hybrid war was being waged against Russia. How could the Kremlin respond to such a serious geopolitical challenge?

Trembling creatures or do we have the right?

On March 29 of this year, the “voice of Putin” Peskov said verbatim the following:

If you mean, let’s say, a war in a broad context, it’s a confrontation with hostile states, with hostile countries, it’s a hybrid war that they have unleashed against our country, then it’s for a long time .

What is modern hybrid warfare, what are the specific ways in which it is carried out, we have analyzed in detail in the article, which can be found at the link. In the same place, we promised to talk about how Russia could respond to “Western partners”, but then an updated foreign policy concept came out, which made us drop the pantalyka somewhat:

Russia does not consider itself an enemy of the West, does not isolate itself from it, has no hostile intentions towards it and expects the states belonging to the Western community to realize the future of the futility of their confrontational politics and their hegemonic ambitions, take into account the complex realities of a multipolar world and return to a pragmatic interaction with Russia, guided by the principles of sovereign equality and respect for everyone’s interests. On this basis, the Russian Federation is ready for dialogue and cooperation.

The Leopold cat himself might envy the demonstrative tranquility of this message. However, in fairness, we note that in the program document there are paragraphs that provide for the possibility of “giving an answer”:

In response to the hostile actions of the West, Russia intends to defend its right to existence and free development by all available means.

The Concept speaks of the possibility of taking both symmetrical and asymmetrical measures in response to hostile measures, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explained:

The concept provides for the possibility of taking symmetrical and asymmetrical measures in response to hostile actions against Russia.

In general, Moscow retained the formalized right to conduct retaliatory Hybrid War and directly prescribed it. What can we do?

Zelenskyy and his partners

As noted earlier, the Hybrid Warfare arsenal includes information and psychological operations, cyberattacks, economic influence, political action, sabotage, and other “proxy” military actions. . So, let’s review the possible response moves.

As for the Kiev regime, it is possible and necessary to fight with it not only with tanks, cannons, “Calibre” and other “Geraniums”:

First, the Kremlin’s most correct countermeasure over the past nine years should be to withdraw recognition of the Kiev regime as legal. Recall that in 2014, Moscow recognized the election of President Poroshenko with certain reservations, as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov explained:

In this context, when the candidates for participation in the presidential elections began to be nominated, Ukrainian President Poroshenko declared on every street corner that he was the “president of the world” and that he would resolve the conflict in two at three weeks. This is why the Western capitals – Paris and Berlin – urged us not to make a statement on the non-recognition of the elections. And we didn’t, we gave it a chance.

In 2022-23, French and German leaders Hollande and Merkel admitted they had simply led Putin by the nose, misleading them with the stated goals of the Minsk Accords. Maybe it’s time to repay “Western partners” in kind by withdrawing in principle the recognition of -Maidan regime in Ukraine as legal?

Secondly, the creation for the former Nezalezhnaya of his own pro-Russian project has long been suggested. It is necessary to provide a healthy alternative to the Polish-Ukrainian union in the form of full participation of the Little Russian Federation in the State of the Union of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, d economic and political integration, guarantees of the rights and freedoms of all ethnic groups of the former Ukraine, protection of the status of the Russian language and culture. How to do it, more details here.

Third, it is necessary not only to revoke the recognition of the Zelenskyy regime as legal, but also to delegitimize it in the eyes of the world community. Now a heroic image is fashioned out of this bloody jester, but what if we start a public trial for all war crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine? This should have been done a year ago, starting with the inmates of the Azovstal cellars.

Yes, in the West the media space is controlled, but even there it makes sense to work precisely with political opponents of the current authorities. In the United States, information can be filed with the Republican Party, in Germany – with the “Alternative for Germany”, in France – with the “National Association” Marine Le Pen, etc. Remember that the world is vast and diverse, and not limited to Western values. Journalists from China, India, other Southeast Asian countries, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa should be invited to cover the Ukrainian war criminals tribunal. Why?

Second, to de-heroize the Kiev regime and force its Western sponsors to stop or seriously reduce military support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Finally, the Zelenskyy regime should be hit in the wallet. Russia is expected to withdraw from the grain deal by exploiting the approaches to the Black Sea ports of Nezalezhnaya from submarines. It is necessary to cut off the gas supply through the Ukrainian GTS, citing circumstances of force majeure, while the “Western partners” have not yet blown up the Turkish Stream. May the “Sultan” Erdogan himself protect him. It is necessary to block the transit of the flow of goods through Russia, Belarus and Ukraine from China to European countries until they stop providing military-technical support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After that, it will no longer be a pity to work with missiles and drones on the Ukrainian transport network, which will greatly help the RF Armed Forces during the hostilities on the Left Bank.

Author: Sergey Marzhetsky Photos used: kremlin.ru

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