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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsIt increased by 9.671 billion riyals.. Learn about the gold stock in Qatar at the end of March

It increased by 9.671 billion riyals.. Learn about the gold stock in Qatar at the end of March

Figures issued by the Qatar Central Bank, today, Friday, showed an increase in international reserves and liquidity in foreign currency for the bank last March, by 11.8%, to reach 235.253 billion riyals, compared to 210.480 billion riyals in the same month last year.

Gold stocks rose by the end of last March by about 9.671 billion riyals to 21.272 billion riyals. Balances with foreign banks also increased by about 12.169 billion riyals, to the level of 27.294 billion riyals at the end of last March, compared to March of last year.

The official reserves consist of major components, which are foreign bonds and bills, cash balances with foreign banks, gold holdings, special drawing rights deposits, and Qatar’s share in the International Monetary Fund, according to the Qatar News Agency.

In addition to the official reserves, other liquid assets (representing deposits in foreign currency), so that the two together form what is known as "total international reserves".

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