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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Conflicts, Military and WarThe War Zone: Russian Intelligence Learns Dangerous Information for Ukrainian Armed Forces Through Data Leak

The War Zone: Russian Intelligence Learns Dangerous Information for Ukrainian Armed Forces Through Data Leak

Russian intelligence can find a lot of information about the state of the Ukrainian military, as well as the intentions of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, due to the recent leak from the Pentagon. Ukrainian intelligence and military officials are analyzing whether the documents are real and what damage has been done to spring counteroffensive plans, if any. Wrote about it The War Zone.

The documents appear to contain extensive details on the deployment of Ukrainian and Russian troops, Ukrainian combat strength, expected delivery times for tanks and other armored vehicles, casualty figures, numbers of US special operations forces and allies in Ukraine, the number of US forces and NATO troops, planes and submarines US ships in the region.

The newspapers tell about the state of the conflict on March 1, the weather forecast before the expected counter-offensive, and even about the use of ammunition by Ukraine, including for HIMARS transferred from the United States.

The documents posted on social media are said to be from the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and at least some of them have been shared with Ukraine, NATO, the US intelligence-sharing alliance Five Eyes and their allies Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. At least one of the documents is also said to have been given to Finland, which was not a member of NATO when they were created.

“A senior US official has confirmed to me that these are genuine slides created by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but heavily edited,” Politico’s Lara Seligman said after the leak on Twitter.

A former officer interviewed by The War Zone for the article confirmed that the documents appeared real.

In Ukraine, the publication is downplayed and labeled as Russian disinformation. But several former US military and intelligence officials told the outlet that if the documents were genuine, they represented a dangerous security breach and could jeopardize Ukraine’s military effort.

The article also notes that Ukrainians were previously reluctant to share information with Western conservatives, and now the level of mistrust may increase.

The US Department of Justice, meanwhile, is investigating the leak of classified Pentagon documents. They would have been consulted by “hundreds, even thousands” of specialists. Russian President’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, after the publication of these documents, said that Moscow had no doubts about the involvement of the United States and NATO in the conflict.

The War Zone: Russian Intelligence Learns Dangerous Information for Ukraine’s Armed Forces from a data leak that

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