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Friday, December 8, 2023
EntertainmentV or Taehyung: the idol of BTS gave the answer!

V or Taehyung: the idol of BTS gave the answer!

Fans of South Korean K-pop group BTS have always wondered if V liked being V on stage more or Taehyung in everyday life. And it looks like they got the answer to that question.

In a recent interview, the idol was offered the choice between two animals: a bear and a tiger. The two beasts represent his personality. What type is best for a musician? The real battle between V and Taehyung has begun.

The musician explained that on stage he should look spectacular and cool, like a tiger. And in everyday life, he frowns and does everything slowly, like a bear. Even though both animals match the idol, V chose the tiger.

“Because V is my personality, I like V more,” he explained his choice.

By the way, a few years ago the artist was asked a similar question. And then the musician chose the slow and silent Taehyung. And that’s it! After all, it is human nature to change! With his decision, he finally put an end to years of fan controversy. Let’s see how it was together.

Do you vote for the tiger or the bear?

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