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Sunday, December 10, 2023
NewsAwqaf launches the third edition of the “Hadathna” program With the participation of 1350 people from different countries...

Awqaf launches the third edition of the “Hadathna” program With the participation of 1350 people from different countries of the world

The General Directorate of Endowments at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, in cooperation with the Department of Da’wah and Religious Guidance, launched the annual program of the Noble Hadith Council. "update us" In its third edition, to listen to the books of the purified Sunnah and the scholars assigned to their owners, with the participation of about 1,350 students of knowledge and the public from different countries of the world, they registered for the program that is broadcast through the educational platform of the Ministry of Endowments in the “Microsoft Teams” program, where the participants will receive certificates of the related bond from Supported sheikhs.

The program, which starts from nine o’clock in the evening until eleven thirty in the evening, and continues until Ramadan 20, corresponding to April 11, includes reading the book Al-Adab Al-Mufrad by Imam Muhammad bin Ismail Al-Bukhari, on the two chained sheikhs: Judge Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ahdal, and Al-Musnad Sheikh Mustafa Al-Qadimi, And the reciter Sheikh Ali Zuber Al-Ahdal, and Professor Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Yahya, and Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Bayoud Al-Tamimi, and Sheikh Majd Makki, and Dr. Sheikha Nour Al-Huda Al-Kataniyya, and the chain of transmission, Sheikha Safia Al-Ahnoumi, and with the commentary of Dr. Sheikh Khalid bin Muhammad Al Thani and Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mahmoud.

In this context, Dr. Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed bin Ghanem Al Thani, Director General of the General Department of Endowments at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, stated that the program "update us" He specializes in listening to the Sunnah of the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – as well as books of knowledge assigned to their owners, expressing his welcome to the honorable sheikhs participating in the program, whether present or via broadcast, and asking God Almighty to write for them the reward for their participation, and what they will spend for the attendance and participants of knowledge and time. And effort, praying to God to have mercy on Sheikh Abd al-Rahman bin Abd al-Hay al-Katani, who participated last year in this blessed council in its second edition.

The Director General of the General Directorate of Awqaf said: The program of our event this year deals with this blessed book, which, due to its great importance, was singled out by Imam Al-Bukhari in a separate book from the book of literature included in the Sahih of Imam Al-Bukhari, and therefore it was called singular literature, i.e. the singular from the authentic.

And he indicated that the most prominent characteristics of the book lie in the high status of its author, as he is the Commander of the Faithful in hadith, and its topic is literature, with which God described His Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him -: (And you are of great moral character), and commanded us to follow the example of the owner of the great morality, where the Messenger of God said God – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – (I was sent to complete good morals), pointing out that morals are among the things that most people enter Paradise, and the Messenger of God was asked about what most people enter Paradise, so he said fear of God and good manners, in addition to what distinguishes the Book That his hadiths are mostly on the condition of the Sahih, and what is not in the Sahih is from the hadiths selected from the narrator, in addition to his connection to the hadiths suspended in the Sahih, or his clarification of the narrator, or his statement to hear, and other modern benefits.

Dr. Sheikh Khaled Al Thani explained that the additions to the book of literature from the honorable hadiths of the Prophet on the Two Sahihs have reached 500 hadiths out of 1322 hadiths, and the trio are seven hadiths, as Imam Ibn Hajar says: The book of singular literature includes hadiths that are more than what is in the Sahih, and it contains a few. Endowed effects, which is very useful and polite. He pointed out that Imam Al-Bukhari arranged his book in an order that began with honoring the parents, as they are the most deserving of the people in manners than the son, then the manners with the womb, then the manners with the children, then the manners with the neighbour, then the etiquette of benevolence with people in general, then the orphan and the servant, then the moral etiquette with People are like pardon, forgiveness, laughter and intimacy, then the manners of the hand of generosity and stinginess and what is related to money, then the etiquette of the tongue, then the visit, and so each group of chapters can be divided by an aspect of etiquette.

The Director General of the General Department of Awqaf confirmed that the book of singular literature is one of the great books, which God treasured the virtue of working on it to our sheikh, Sheikh Fadlallah Al-Jilani. Taking care of its isnads and explaining them, or its additions, and others. It is worth noting that the “Hadithna” program is part of the endowment bank’s programs for serving the Qur’an and Sunnah, which aims to raise awareness of the purposes of the Holy Qur’an and the noble Prophet’s Sunnah and their provisions, and to support and encourage those working in the service of the Qur’an and Sunnah, in addition to spreading the Holy Qur’an and its sciences, mastering its recitation, and translating its meanings into Arabic. Other languages, publishing books of the honorable Sunnah and its sciences.

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