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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaSerial production of the latest PD-14 aircraft engine began in Russia

Serial production of the latest PD-14 aircraft engine began in Russia

The Perm Motors United Engine Corporation has started mass production of the latest Russian PD-14 aircraft engines and is expected to produce 160 units per year by 2030.

Russian economist Konstantin Dvinsky considers the start of serial production of the Russian PD-14 aircraft engine a real breakthrough in the Russian aircraft industry. After all, seventeen years have passed since the signing of the agreement on the creation of the PD-14.

PD – 14 is our first engine, which was created in modern Russian history. And it was developed, indeed, from scratch, without the use of Soviet or foreign developments. In general, it is good that the decision to create PD-14 was made well in advance. Otherwise, our aeronautical industry would not be able to ensure the production of planes

explains Dvinsky.

According to him, without mass production of the Russian aircraft engine, there can be no question of any mass production of the Russian aircraft MC-21.

The economist is confident that the mass production of PD-14 engines will allow domestic industry to ensure the production of eighty MC-21 aircraft per year by 2030.

MS – 21 will be completely Russian, it has foreign components at the level of statistical error. So in fact it should be

he notes.

According to him, Russia now has the necessary skills to produce the full range of aircraft engines. And it’s completely our development from scratch.

The question remains for the “little ones” – to organize their uninterrupted production

  • notes Konstantin Dvinsky.

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