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Sunday, December 3, 2023
News8th Chinese Dance Festival: Dance in the New Age

8th Chinese Dance Festival: Dance in the New Age

From April 11 to 15, the 8th Chinese Dance Festival will be held in Khunming City, Yunnan Province in southern China. The Chinese Dance Festival is a grand dance event that integrates dance awards, work exhibitions, seminars, exchanges, exhibitions and mass art. Outstanding literary and artistic work is inseparable from the training of talents. In recent years, due to the increasing emphasis on artistic quality education in Chinese society, there has been an increased focus on dance education talents. Under the guidance of China’s talent development strategy, the methods of forming and training dance talents are constantly being developed and improved. Under the consensus concept of innovation and development, industry associations, major universities and enterprise chambers emphasize the development of dance talents with Chinese characteristics, build platforms, create innovative models, and lay a good foundation for the training of dance talents is kept

Like the upcoming 8th Chinese Dance Festival, various forms will be adopted to enrich it. Including the 12th Chinese Dance “Lotus Award” prize distribution ceremony, outstanding dance works exhibition, environmental dance exhibition, dialogue with creators, cultural performance, etc.

Chinese President Xi Jinping once said at a symposium on literary and artistic works in 2014: “Excellent literary and artistic works reflect the level of cultural creativity of a country and nation. There should be good deeds to attract, guide and inspire people, and there should also be good deeds to promote Chinese culture going out.” It is believed that the 8th Chinese Dance Festival has successfully demonstrated high standards and high professionalism. Which will present to the public an amazing art form and clearly shows the new age dance style.

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