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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Pink PageBaldur and Flosi open up about their own shortcomings - "Without them I would definitely be a complete 'besserwisser'...

Baldur and Flosi open up about their own shortcomings – “Without them I would definitely be a complete ‘besserwisser’ and far too self-satisfied, depression keeps me down to earth”

Friends and musicians Baldur Ragnarsson and Flosi Þorgeirsson host one of the country’s most popular podcasts, Ghosts of the Past, where they reflect on various past events and people who have shaped human history. The popularity of the podcast can be attributed not only to their candid and spirited conversation, but also to the fact that they enjoy going off the rails when it comes to the content of the shows and seeing both the fun and difficult sides of various issues. . In the episodes, they speak openly and without prejudice about their own shortcomings, Baldur struggles with ADHD, and Flosi is a depressed anxiety patient. Baldur and Flosi have a candid and candid interview in anniversary publication of the ADHD association just out.

Baldur was diagnosed with ADHD when he was over thirty and “destroyed” the ADHD diagnosis, as he puts it, but he says that until the diagnosis he was focused on the anxiety that kept him going. had always tormented.

“When I started taking meds, life changed drastically for the better. Suddenly there was so much calm in my head, but despite that, I kept my creative side that some people seem to lose. with the drugs. Suddenly I could just work in an organized way and not have my heart in my pants, now I was enjoying what I was doing a lot more and everything was getting a lot easier. There are definitely side effects, for example I have to watch what I eat and drink, but the benefits are much greater.”

The podcast appeals well to people with ADHD as the content is broken down and visualized through the conversation of their partners. Baldur says he was himself, drug-free, as a reference when creating the episodes, which makes the content both accessible and easy to understand. “I’ve benefited from knowing how people like me see things, I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts myself and often been left behind. Totally fell off. Then I had to rewind and start over. I often pose to Flos questions that no one would dare to ask, and I like to summarize what he was talking about.”

I would rather take medication to function

Baldur says his disorder, along with undiagnosed ADHD, affected his self-image in his youth, despite the fact that he never felt stupid, but rather like he didn’t fit in with society . “I realized that I either had to adapt to society or end up as a budding artist in a shed. I would rather take medication and change so I could function in our man-made society, especially after having had children. ADHD greatly affects my perception of the world, but if I didn’t have it, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today. Maybe I’d still be in a different, better place because I would have felt better all these years, who knows?I don’t consider ADHD to be a defect or an advantage, but just something else, an anomaly.

My friends from Skálmöld say they didn’t notice any particular change when I started the treatment, but now they can see if I don’t take it. Today, I’m doing much worse than before to cope with the drug-free life. I’ve practiced so much pretending, but I’m not into it anymore, it’s just too much work.”

Depression confused with ADHD

Flosi says, for a while, he thought he had ADHD. He then looked at the list of ADHD symptoms, saw matches there, but it didn’t go any further. Flosi thought he was an alcoholic and decided to quit drinking. He’s been sober for 7-8 years, but it still hasn’t completely fixed the situation.

“I finally went to see a psychologist, but he diagnosed me with quite severe depression, I had no idea what it was. It should be noted that I lost my father when I was eight years old in an accident that had a huge impact on me, and a lot of people watched as they tried to figure out what was wrong with me.”

Discussion of personal brand shortcomings

The open discussion of personal flaws has actually become an integral part of the Draugar fortíðir brand and it’s especially fun to see how different Baldur and Flosi are. But should this angle, highlighting the members’ personal and spiritual deviations, have been a conscious decision before the podcast started?

“I always knew it would be a hit because one of the funniest things I do is talk about Flosi’s depression, I think it’s so funny,” Baldur says, keeping a smile on his face. on his face, and Flosi adds that he came out of the depression closet at the start of 2016-2017.

“I woke up to a devilish noise and commotion and looked out the window and couldn’t figure out what was going on, then realized it was New Years Eve. I had been so depressed that I had slept in most of December. Then I did a post on Facebook which got some attention and as a result I went to radio interviews which got a lot of attention. attention and as a result I have received all kinds of messages from people. According to a poll I read the other day, the public still has prejudices towards mental illness, but it has much improved, and especially towards depression, it has become more accepted.

says Flosi and Baldur adds that he has yet to meet anyone who says ADHD doesn’t exist. “I would still be very willing to meet a person who thinks it’s just a shame and put up a fight. Yeah, I don’t think I’m just going to advertise them here.”

Baldur says they always talked about things not to talk about and knew that would be part of the podcast. “It soon became clear how important it was for a man of Flosa’s age to describe his own struggles with depression and anxiety. Our deviations accidentally loomed larger than we expected. .” Baldur mentions that he thinks it’s all too common for those struggling with something to talk about it too much or sweep everything under the rug. Therefore, they wanted to go somewhere in the middle, but open discussion opposes prejudice.

Would be unbearable “besserwisser” without depression

Ghosts of the Past receives a large number of messages and thanks from listeners both because of the historical content of the podcast and no less because of the discussion of depression, anxiety and ADHD.

“The best message I’ve ever received is from a woman who suffers from depression and whose husband never understood the disease until he listened to us. I also think it’s important to ‘have a sense of humor about it, for example I described how I talk to my anxiety and call it a close cousin I can’t get rid of. But I couldn’t imagine myself without those flaws , they are such a part of my character. Without them, I would definitely be a complete besserwisser and far too happy with myself, depression keeps me down to earth.”

said Flosi with a bit of sarcasm.

Baldur and Flosi say they’re really enjoying the podcast and envision themselves continuing to produce a landmark podcast with a twist on depression and attention deficit disorder. “We’re doing this while we’re still having fun.” We knew Flosi would need space in between and it definitely happened. Listeners also know how we are and that not everything is perfect with us. Sometimes I’m completely mad at Flosa, but he never tries not to do his best,” Baldur says.

The interview of these members can be read in its entirety in anniversary publication of the ADHD Association.

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