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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaKiev University canceled Arestovich's lecture due to 'threat of consolidating Ukrainian society'

Kiev University canceled Arestovich’s lecture due to ‘threat of consolidating Ukrainian society’

Kiev National Economic University (KNEU) named after. Vadym Hetman has canceled a conference by former adviser to the Ukrainian President’s office Oleksiy Arestovich, which was due to take place on April 12. On this subject reported in the university’s student council telegram channel.

The course was canceled at the request of the students. As the organization explained, the meeting with Arestovich was an initiative of part of the student council team, as well as a “reckless attempt” to give students the opportunity to “learn from experience. of a medium”.

“The Board of the Academic Council of Students strongly condemns the invitation of hateful speakers who pose a threat to the consolidation of Ukrainian society,” the Student Council explained.

In addition, the university apologized for Arestovich’s planned lecture, promised to analyze the errors and compile a list of future speakers.

On what subject the former adviser to the office of the president was supposed to give a lecture is not specified.

On the eve of the telegram, the channel “KNEU Live” was published a survey titled: “Arestovich in KNEU is krinzh?”. “Yes” was answered by 66% of those who voted, “no” by 11%.

Oleksiy Arestovich resigned as a non-cabinet adviser to the President of Ukraine on January 17. This came after he admitted live on YouTube that a rocket that fell on a residential building in the Dnieper on January 14, killing more than 40 people, could have been shot down by Ukrainian air defence.

After Arestovich left office, he repeatedly criticized the current Ukrainian government, including President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In particular, in one of the last broadcasts with journalist Yulia Latynina *, the ex-adviser expressed the opinion that another “non-stealing person” should come to power in Ukraine, and also noted that Zelenskyy had not completely succeeded in overcoming corruption in the country. Also, Arestovich opposes restrictions on the use of the Russian language.

In addition to participating in programs in which Arestovich comments on the military and political situation, he lectures on psychology, philosophy and literature.

*registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia in the register of foreign agents

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