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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsThe doctor told about healthy foods that raise cholesterol

The doctor told about healthy foods that raise cholesterol

Obviously, fast food and other fatty foods are bad for people with high cholesterol and other heart conditions. However, in some cases the danger is not so clear. Cardiologist Rodney Foul talked about a food that is considered healthy, but in large amounts it can also lead to cholesterol spikes.

greek yogurt

According to the expert, a 125-gram box of Greek yogurt can contain about 8.4 grams of saturated fat. Eating too much saturated fat and not enough unsaturated fat in the diet changes the way the liver handles cholesterol.

coconut oil

Considered a healthy alternative to sunflower oil, coconut oil is high in saturated fat. There are 10 grams in a tablespoon. According to the cardiologist, the best option is olive oil. It lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol.

Shrimps and eggs

About 140 grams of shrimp contains 210 mg of cholesterol and a large egg contains about 240 mg of cholesterol. The doctor added that most people do not need to reduce the amount of cholesterol in food. However, it is better to exclude these foods from the diet of those who already suffer from high cholesterol.

Granola and bars

Granolas and various bars are commonly found on health food shelves, leading many to believe that they won’t harm their well-being. However, they can contain very large amounts of sugar, depending on the specific brand.

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