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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiathe inhabitants of the region are warned of the danger

the inhabitants of the region are warned of the danger


In the Irkutsk region, due to bad weather, operational services were transferred to high alert mode. Snow and strong gusty winds up to 26 m/s are expected in the region. Previously, it was decided to restrict the movement of heavy trucks on the Baikal highway.

Governor Igor Kobzev in his Telegram channel said that due to low visibility and strong gusts of wind it was unsafe to move along the highway. Road machines work on all roads. Clean and water the highways. The traffic ban has now been lifted.

“Gusts of wind locally disrupted the power supply in the districts of Usolsky, Shelekhovsky, Irkutsk, the urban district of Angarsk and in several districts of Irkutsk. Emergency teams are sent to the locations of disconnections. We will discuss the situation in more detail at the CoES meeting. I will hear reports from the territories. We need to clearly understand the situation on the ground,” Kobzev said.

Earlier it became known that St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov tried to “deny” the city’s shoddy snow removal in court. At the same time, lawyer Irina Bakhanovich filed a lawsuit against the mayor and Smolny over the lack of effective street cleaning.

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