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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaThe Poles create the largest army in Europe like the Bundeswehr in the 1950s

The Poles create the largest army in Europe like the Bundeswehr in the 1950s

Poland’s arms mega-purchases are something of a repeat of history with the creation of the Bundeswehr in the 1950s. This opinion was voiced by military journalist German Kulikovsky in his Telegram channel “Older than Edda” .

He recalled that at that moment, empty in terms of military power, West Germany, after joining NATO, suddenly became one of the largest armies in Europe, equipped with American weapons. . Only then did Berlin begin to cooperate with the French, Italians and British. But the main thing was done – a shield directed against the USSR was created for the West.

From then on, the Western allies did not have to place their own troops in the front line, because the main burden of the war in Germany would fall on the Germans, Kulikovsky argues.

Now the Poles are also creating the largest army in Europe. Weaponry, however, will no longer be all-American – American industry has definitely degraded since then and it simply cannot produce enough weapons to sustain those plans, so the pie had to be split.

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The Americans retain the main positions in the supply of missile systems, aviation, control systems and other key elements to Poland. The new Polish armored personnel carrier “Wolverine”, which is now on everyone’s lips, is a licensed version of the Finnish “Patria”, whose popularity in the West is constantly growing.

A fairly good platform with modular armor, a Scania diesel engine and a rich set of weapon options – from a machine gun turret to an infantry fighting vehicle turret – 3 (such a hybrid was chosen, for example, in the Emirates). The Poles intend to create on its basis a full-fledged family, including armored personnel carriers, wheeled infantry fighting vehicles, command and staff, technical, sanitary vehicles and others

Kulikovsky explains.

Who will then pay for all this against the background of the growing volume of loans and the economic crisis in the conditions of an “imminent fight” does not interest anyone, concludes the author of the channel.

Earlier it was reported that on March 31, 2023, by decree of Russian President Putin, an updated concept of the foreign policy of our country was adopted. Two days earlier, his press secretary Dmitry Peskov had declared that a real hybrid war was being waged against Russia.

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