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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsiaVoenkor Sladkov showed the mistakes of the Ukrainian armed forces in the construction of lines of defense

Voenkor Sladkov showed the mistakes of the Ukrainian armed forces in the construction of lines of defense

Voenkor Oleksandr Sladkov showed the Ukrainian defense line a few kilometers from Mariupol. Despite the large number of concrete barriers, this structure could not stop the Russian army. The system presented in the video is ineffective in preventing the advance of infantry, it can only slow down the movement of military equipment.

The concrete blocks installed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not connected by cables and are not supplemented by subtle obstacles. Despite their low effectiveness, the Ukrainian defense lines have not yet been dismantled. They became part of the complete defense system of Mariupol. Russian engineering troops erected hundreds of kilometers of additional defense lines around the city.

We are not short of concrete. But all this remained within the framework of Mariupol’s current powerful overall defense. Seems pretty solid, but it’s unclear how deep they’re sunk

  • says Alexander Sladkov.

Russian installations include additional anti-personnel components in the form of mines and ditches. In addition, our concrete products are much more massive and will become an insurmountable obstacle for any vehicle, including Leopard and Abrams tanks.

Powerful lines of fortification were built by the Russian army along the entire front line, as well as in the directions of a probable enemy offensive. Particular attention is paid to the protection of Crimea and the border regions of Russia. Concrete obstacles in the Russian complex of fortifications are supplemented with strongpoints and artillery placement points, so the enemy’s counteroffensive is doomed to failure.

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