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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsA compulsory uniform for graduates of Qatar University.. Here is how to buy it and when to receive it

A compulsory uniform for graduates of Qatar University.. Here is how to buy it and when to receive it

Qatar University has approved a uniform for female graduates of batch (46) for the year 2023, noting that starting Wednesday, female graduate uniforms will be distributed according to the dates and points of receipt.

Qatar University stated – on its website – that the new graduation uniform was uniquely designed from the Qatar University logo, which symbolizes the intertwining of Islamic heritage with the educational system. The color that supports the color of the flag of the State of Qatar, which corresponds to the country’s history and civilizational dimension.

Qatar University stressed that wearing the graduation dress is mandatory for all female graduates at the graduation ceremony, and that no modifications will be allowed to the design of the dress, but only size adjustments are allowed.

It is not allowed to wear the previous graduation uniform.

The purchase process The payment process is electronic via a Visa or Master Card, and if you do not have the previous cards, you can apply for a prepaid Master Card.

Conditions The uniform will not be delivered to graduates who have not paid through the website. The payment process is electronic only, cash payments are not allowed. The amount paid cannot be refunded. After entering the payment link, the student’s data is filled in, then the uniform size is selected, and then payment is made.

Graduates can go to the sites dedicated to distributing the uniforms to graduates 48 hours after the online payment process at the times that will be announced, and you will not be able to receive the uniforms before that.

It is also not allowed to exchange the size of the uniform chosen by the graduate through the electronic payment system for another size.

A female graduate is allowed to purchase one graduation uniform, and no more, and the size chosen by the graduate will be approved in the system. It is necessary to show the university card or personal card. It is necessary to show the message that contains the electronic payment link

Payment method and size selection to complete the graduation costume purchase; To view the sizes, visit the online payment system for the costume and complete the payment process via the link:

Delivery dates according to faculties Faculties (Education – Sharia – Engineering – Faculty of Law – Arts): April 12 – 18 10 am – 4 pm Saturday to Thursday Faculties (Economics – Pharmacy – Health Sciences – Medicine): April 30 – May 2 9 am – 5 pm from Saturday to Thursday

Uniform delivery location Qatar University (Student Affairs Building (111), First Floor, Hall No. C250)

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