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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Newsa married couple died trying to save fishermen in the Sverdlovsk region

a married couple died trying to save fishermen in the Sverdlovsk region

Kalyazinsky district administration

Yury, 65, and Tatyana Vanaks, 56, died on April 6 on Lake Chelyabinsk Komkul. The Russians tried to save the fishermen who had fallen through the ice, reports E1.RU.

The daughter of the victims, Elena, said that her parents love fishing, they went to Lake Komkul for the first time.

“Someone told them there was good fishing there. We went the first day and they loved it. The next we left at five in the morning,” Elena said. “I warned them not to drive anymore, the ice is thin. But they have the passion.

Elena said that during the day she could not contact her parents and realized that something had happened. Later, rescuers called her and informed her of her father’s death. The mother had no documents with her, so the fact that the woman drowned was not immediately known.

Two fishermen fell through the ice while fishing. The couple tried to help them, but with them they went underwater.

Elena said her mother couldn’t swim. According to the girl, her father probably tried to save the fishermen, and when he began to drown, her mother jumped into the water. The couple are survived by a daughter and two grandchildren.

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