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Sunday, December 10, 2023
NewsA resident of St. Petersburg staged a fight at a disco restaurant in Murmansk

A resident of St. Petersburg staged a fight at a disco restaurant in Murmansk

In one of the establishments of Murmansk, a resident of the cultural capital did not behave in a civilized manner. The security forces had to calm him down.

On Monday, April 10, the press service of the Russian Guards Department of the Murmansk region reported the arrest of a resident of St. Petersburg, who tried to start a fight at an entertainment venue in Murmansk.

Thus, the alarm signal came from a discotheque restaurant located on Marata Street in the capital of the Arctic. Employees of the Russian guard went there. On the spot, they discovered that the 37-year-old Petersburger was the culprit of the call. The man behaved inappropriately, waved his arms, swore loudly, tried to start a fight with other visitors and employees of the institution.

The brawler refused to stop the illegal actions and leave the scene. He also resisted National Guard employees, but this did not help: the Petersburger was arrested and taken to the police department to clarify the circumstances.

Recall, earlier “The Eastern Herald in Murmansk” said that a resident of Murmansk tried to steal 14 bottles of alcohol from a hypermarket in Radishcheva.

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