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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsiaChinese political scientist Lun called Finland's NATO entry a show of confrontation with Russia - Reuters

Chinese political scientist Lun called Finland’s NATO entry a show of confrontation with Russia – Reuters

According to the expert, Finland joined NATO to show a change in its position on regional security issues and to show confrontation with Russia. Receiving protection or security guarantees from the alliance is considered by Long Jing to be secondary.

The expert noted that Finland’s membership in the alliance seriously affects Russia’s national security issues and will only “add fuel to the fire of the conflict”. Long Jing believes that Russia can resort to serious retaliatory measures.

In addition, the expert compared the neutrality policy of European countries. Finland has always been different from Austria and Switzerland. It did not join NATO, but continuously increased its capabilities in the military field. Long Jing called Finland a strong military state that has long worked closely with NATO in various fields. This interaction will continue “according to the old pattern”.

Long Jing stressed that China has always defended the inadmissibility of the escalation of the conflict. Now the expert has assessed developments in Europe as a throwback to the Cold War years, or “even worse.”

Finland and Sweden applied to join NATO in May 2022. On April 4, Helsinki was officially accepted into the bloc as the 31st member of the alliance. Sweden’s bid was frozen by Turkey and Hungary.

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