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Sunday, December 10, 2023
Pink Page"Don't listen to this kind of bullshit. Just go on with your normal life"

“Don’t listen to this kind of bullshit. Just go on with your normal life”

Ragnhildur Þórðardóttir, better known as Ragga Nagil, talks in her latest Facebook post about the pangs of guilt that can overwhelm us after the Easter holidays after treating ourselves well with food, drink and Easter eggs .

Let Ragga speak:

“If something makes your forehead pop and your nostrils flare with irritation, it’s the media’s bad conscience to sip lemon water with Dead Sea sea salt all next week in order to get out Winner after Goan licorice egg Turmeric drinks, green shakes, detox and carb starvation Apple cider vinegar and fasting until lunch No wheat, sugar, yeast, dairy Stones of the time you have to beat on the board to calculate the calories of egg number four.How many frogs the jumps equal to a hundred grams of NoahSiríus.Grief and soot chained to the treadmill in self-loathing and discouragement.

No, now the Nail is quite offered. The silken gloves are pulled down and the stench is unleashed. Every human child knows there are calories in an Easter egg. Using exercise as a punishment and a way to get rid of tail-ingested calories creates a negative association with physical activity. Fasting and drinking nothing but coffee with butter after a chocolate orgy creates a black-and-white approach to dieting. This has very negative consequences for body and mind. Thinking about damage control while chewing gum down your esophagus creates guilt and self-mockery. Such negative feelings create a negative relationship with diet and exercise, and the gym becomes a space of absolution that reminds you of your own weakness. This shake dance is often a precursor to eating disorders and a distorted body image.

A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Easter is once a year. Christmas is once a year You have a birthday once a year. in 5 to 10% of cases. Don’t let an egg on your side lead you into a vicious circle of self-loathing, guilt, and counting calories on the plank with a cane jam strap.

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