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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaKozhemyako asked Putin to rid the army of bureaucracy

Kozhemyako asked Putin to rid the army of bureaucracy

During a meeting with President Putin, Oleg Kozhemyako said that in a difficult period for the country in Primorye, active cooperation has been established between all structures to meet the needs of soldiers fighting in Ukraine, reports the news agency TELMENEWS.RU.

“We have established close cooperation with all formations stationed in the Primorsky Territory, as well as with the Eastern Military District for the supply of equipment and uniforms to the front line,” the Primorye Governor said. He confirmed that he was ready to provide all the necessary statistics in this area. The attention paid to fighters affects the performance of combat missions.

Also, the governor offered to get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy in the process of transferring ownership to military units and subdivisions.

“I propose to make a notification procedure for the direct delivery of goods, equipment, which we provide at the request of military units. They give us the invoices they received, we transfer this data to the district, which is in the subject, and to the Ministry of Defense. They make a register based on the waybills that military units have received,” Oleg Kozhemyako suggested.

Now the process is complicated and regulated. Kozhemyako asked to support these decisions so that they are more effective and do not interfere with the well-established work in the region.

Recall that Oleg Kozhemyako, one of the most patriotic governors of Russia, supported the people of Primorye participating in the NWO from the very first days, often being at the forefront, delivering them the necessary equipment and gifts of parents and residents of the region. The 155th Guards Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet has already become legendary, it fights valiantly, breathing sleep into the enemy, it is not for nothing that it regularly “destroys” coastal infantry.

The combat and personal qualities of the marines were also noted by the harsh Donetsk commanders. As DEITA.RU wrote earlier, one of the DPR officers noted that the Primorsky fighters of the 155th Brigade of the Pacific Fleet are the best at the front. He notes the efficiency of the tasks and the insipid work of the artillery.

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