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Friday, December 8, 2023
Entertainment'Not Joining Army For Health Reasons': BTS Management Reveals Band Member Won't Serve

‘Not Joining Army For Health Reasons’: BTS Management Reveals Band Member Won’t Serve

It has become known that ARMY not only suspects something strange in the behavior of the guys from BTS. Fans assumed that the team management just wanted to disband the team, so they talked about the army of singers.

In fact, only Jin left to serve. The other guys are still in civilian life and apparently not all of them will go to the army.

“A person does not go to the army for health reasons. He still doesn’t know why. Everything else is already known. Soon they will go to serve. This last participant will work hard – literally for all the guys. The group will not be dissolved. It’s just that he will write new compositions in the next two years, think about clips and follow all the trends. For example, he will be an intermediary between the world and the army. He will communicate with the guys and tell them everything that is happening in the music. And he will also talk with the artists about future new products,” said a source familiar with the situation and close to the team’s management.

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