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Sunday, December 3, 2023
EntertainmentV Reveals The Types Of People Jungkook's Close Circle Of Friends Is, "Decent, Rich, And A Different Group Of...

V Reveals The Types Of People Jungkook’s Close Circle Of Friends Is, “Decent, Rich, And A Different Group Of People”

An insider posted a story to let ARMY know about BTS’s Jungkook preferences. The male sasaeng said he knew the Golden Maknae personally, but not closely. He only met him a few times during his work, but he knows his best friends well – soloists from other groups, close associates, actors and other people whom Golden Maknae is very fond of.

Anonymous identified several qualities that he feels unite all Guka friends. Let’s review this “research material”. First of all, the insider noted the status and good financial situation, however, it is very important not to focus on money, but on ambition and people’s ability to always find a way to get out of trouble and grow and grow again. “It’s what makes rich people rich. Money is secondary property,” the author writes.

Second, they are (necessarily!) people with a high sense of responsibility, loving and sincere. Those who are always ready to help. Third, they are talented people. Guk may not have common interests with them (i.e. his friends aren’t just from the music business), but he likes it when acquaintances have their own hobbies, e.g. from which the eyes of the guys are burning. “It inspires her. It illuminates and makes you proud of your friends,” the insider concludes.

V’s post revealed what kind of people Jungkook’s inner circle might be: “Decent, Rich, and Another Group of People” appeared first on POPCAKE.

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