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Sunday, December 3, 2023
News500 acres of wildfires spread near Manchester

500 acres of wildfires spread near Manchester

A wildfire near Manchester Township in New Jersey, United States, has spread over 500 acres as firefighters struggle to contain it. The New Jersey Forest Fire Service reported on Tuesday that only 10% of the fire had been brought under control. Firefighters from the Nejdeep Forest Fire and the McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Fire Department’s Unified Command are working together to extinguish the blaze and protect state and private property along Route 539 and Horicon Avenue.

25 structures at risk

According to the Forest Fire Service, 25 structures are at risk from the fire. Ocean County’s local volunteer fire departments have been dispatched to protect these structures from the fire. As a result of the wildfire, Route 539 is closed between Long Swamp Road and Route 70 and Horicon Avenue at Route 70 is closed. Additionally, a mandatory evacuation order has been issued for residents on Division Street in the Lakehurst borough of New Jersey.

Don’t fly drones near the area

The Forest Fire Service has urged people not to fly drones in the fire area, warning that any drones found flying over or near a forest fire will be shot down with forest fire service air support. This measure is essential to ensure the safety of firefighters and avoid any potential accidents.

As firefighters continue to work on extinguishing the wildfire, residents in the affected areas are advised to stay informed about the situation and follow the instructions of local authorities. It is important to remain vigilant during this time and take precautions to prevent fires from starting. With the help of the Forest Fire Service and local firefighters, we hope that the Manchester Township wildfire will soon be contained and extinguished.

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