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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Entertainment"She looked at me with a lot of arrogance. It's addictive." - Taehyung falls in love with Lisa...

“She looked at me with a lot of arrogance. It’s addictive.” – Taehyung falls in love with Lisa on the set of Celine

For several days now, the names of BTS’s Taehyung and Blackpink’s Lisa have been on ARMYs’ lips and blinking. Fans were thrilled when they saw the two together during a photo shoot for the Celine pop-up store. Finally, new insider gossip about how the shooting unfolded arrived in time. Now, author sasaeng has no doubt that Taehyung feels something towards Lisa and if it’s not love, then it’s definitely great sympathy.

What did you discover? Let’s list the facts. 1. At the beginning of labor, V was very shy and avoided Lisu. No one has figured out exactly what caused the embarrassment, but now in narrow circles it is believed to be the idol’s hidden interest in beauty. 2. After 15-20 minutes, Tae started to open up, but Lisa kept working, treating Taehyung with complete indifference.

  1. After filming was over, V casually blurted out that Lisa’s heavy gaze “cut through him like a current.” He wanted it to sound like a joke, but the girl suddenly became embarrassed and turned away with a smile on her face. 4. To quote a sasaeng: “A spark ran between them, but they parted ways without being able to speak to each other privately. There were too many people.”

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