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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsThe prosecutor's office asks "Kurskavtodor" to repair roads in the Kursk region

The prosecutor’s office asks “Kurskavtodor” to repair roads in the Kursk region

The audit showed that at least two roads in the region are far from normal.

Employees of the Kursk region prosecutor’s office inspected the implementation of traffic safety legislation. The findings were disappointing.

  • It was established that in some sections of the roads “Crimea-Dryablovo-border of the Oktyabrsky district” and “Crimea-Dryablovo-border of the Oktyabrsky district-Pimenovo” there is no lighting, the road and road markings are damaged. There is no lighting at the bus stops, the landing stages are polluted, there are no garbage cans,” said the regional prosecutor’s office.

It also turned out that sections of the Crimea-Dukhovets highway near the pedestrian crossing and the stop of public transport are not equipped with a sidewalk.

These intermunicipal roads are served by the Kurskavtodor organization. The prosecutor of the Kursk region sent a request for the elimination of the identified violations to his director.

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