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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsVigilance of Kostroma: a resident of the neighborhood helped traffic police to arrest a drunk driver

Vigilance of Kostroma: a resident of the neighborhood helped traffic police to arrest a drunk driver

The press service of the Kostroma traffic police department reports a very instructive story that took place in the village of Ostrovsky. There, one of the local motorists witnessed inappropriate behavior on the road by the driver of a Honda car, who was constantly breaking the rules, “cutting” other cars and constantly rebuilding from one lane to another. the other. The islander reported such dangerous driving to the traffic police – and the traffic police slowed down the Honda at the exit from the village.

Facing the police, the assailant stopped the car and, with a blue eye, told traffic officers that he was not driving the car, but had simply decided to sit behind the wheel. However, when the police started asking him various questions, he quickly became confused and eventually admitted that he was driving drunk.

When an express test revealed 1.45ppm of alcohol in the blood, the driver was arrested and taken to the police station… where it turned out that Hoda’s 39-year-old owner had previously been deprived of a driving license for drunken driving. As a result, a ticket was issued against the offender for driving without a license and a criminal case was opened for violation of a court order and drunk driving.

In Vladimir died the driver involved in the Bogolyubovo accident

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