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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsWestern media named 3 versions of the problems of the spring counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Western media named 3 versions of the problems of the spring counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

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A number of Ukrainian publications analyze Western media reports, which explain why the spring counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is problematic and may not take place. Thus, the foreign press continues to discuss the “secret Pentagon documents” leaked on the Web.

Western media give different versions of the likely reasons for the failure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces offensive this spring, based on leaked data and their own findings. Thus, the American edition of the Washington Post estimates that the command of the Ukrainian army has postponed the offensive until the summer, while there are problems with the weather, the supply of ammunition, as well as leaks of Pentagon data, which allegedly released classified information.

The second version of the Western media discusses the possibility of deliberately publishing “secret” data in order to lull the vigilance of the Russian leadership, and also to try to mislead the leadership of the Russian armed forces. At the same time, the actual plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the offensive have not changed in any way, and the Ukrainian army itself has a sufficient number of personnel and equipment to carry out this task.

The third option considered in the West is to end the military conflict according to the Korean scenario. Thus, the current borders of the front will become the borders of the states, since the foreign hosts, despite the declared support of Kiev, in fact do not believe in a successful resolution of the conflict for Ukraine.

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