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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaItaly identified some of Uss' accomplices during his escape

Italy identified some of Uss’ accomplices during his escape

Italian law enforcement agencies have identified some people who helped Artem Uss, son of Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor Alexander Uss, to escape from house arrest in the municipality of Cascina Vione di Basiglio. On this subject writing La Repubblica, without specifying the source of the information.

The article says that the Milan public prosecutor’s office has restored the image of Uss’ escape. Prosecutors estimate the entire process took several hours. Uss left Italy by car, changing several cars in the process and using false documents. The Russian crossed the border near the city of Trieste. He entered Slovenia, then Serbia, and from there flew to Russia.

The investigation estimates that Uss was assisted by six or seven people. Four or five of them have been identified, according to La Repubblica.

Also, the DA’s office is investigating the “second tier” of Uss’ accomplices. As La Repubblica writes, the “surgical” operation to remove Uss from Italy was probably carried out by members of the Russian special services.

Artem Uss was arrested last October at Milan airport at the request of the United States. Washington accuses him and four other Russians of money laundering, sanctions violations and smuggling. The defendants in the case are also three Venezuelans accused of illegal oil transactions.

At the same time, at the end of October, a Moscow court arrested Artem Uss in absentia for money laundering as part of a large-scale organized group. “Kommersant” writing that Russia thus wants to “intercept” Uss from the United States, demanding his extradition from Italy.

On March 21, 2023, a court in Milan approved Uss’s extradition to the United States, and on March 22, the Russian broke an electronic bracelet and escaped from house arrest.

On April 4, Uss told reporters he was in Russia. “I am in Russia! During these few particularly dramatic days, strong and reliable people were at my side. Thanks to them,” he said.

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